Jazz.Blues series

Since 1980, I have been making figurine of Jazz and Blues Musicians.
In the beginning, I made up my own character, but since 1996, I have been mainly
making statue of real life musicians. To portray each character's feeling,
I create my own background scene, and photograph each character utilizing old lens.
My current art work are Japanese author. I also photograph these figurines.
To create the right image, sometimes I travel throughout Japan to
find the best background scenery.

Japanese author

I sometimes create oil pigment prints of my work,
but usually use 35mm Camera with monocrome film.
The size of my Figurine are about 15`20 inches tall.
I am pleased to introduce you very unique works of Art of
Jazz and Blues musicians and two series of Japanese author here.

Edgar Allan Poe

Jean Cocteau

Nijinsky and Diaghlev


All images (C) Kimiaki Ishizuka